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Online services will continue with the option to live stream on our YouTube channel.

March 21, 2022 version

Cross Roads Be in Christ Church

COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan

Cross Roads Be in Christ Church desires to prioritize the safety of our congregation and community as COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.   




  • Indoor and outdoor services and gatherings may be held at full capacity.



  • All individuals, including children, will be asked to self-screen for COVID-19 like symptoms prior to arrival.



  • Pre-registration is no longer required.


Hand Hygiene

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance with a sign inviting each person to use it upon entry

  • Soap and water and signage instructing about proper hand washing will be in the washrooms.



  • Masks are no longer required for indoor or outdoor worship or social gatherings.

  • If anyone would like to continue wearing a mask we fully support and honour their decision.


Worship Team / on stage protocols

  • Those involved in indoor, on-stage elements of a live service are no longer required to wear a mask or maintain physical distance. 


Baptism / Dedications

  • Baptisms and dedications may proceed with sensitivity to individual comfort level for COVID-19 precautions.


Weddings / Funerals

  • Cross Roads’ pastors will officiate at weddings and funerals providing public health guidelines are followed

  • The Cross Roads’ facility may be used for weddings and funerals.



  • Indoor singing is permitted by the worship team and congregation. 

  • Worship team members are not required to wear a mask when singing


Communion and Worship Aids

  • Individually packaged elements will be used for in person communion.



  • Passing of the offering plate will be suspended.  An offering box or basket will be available for cash or cheque donations.

  • We will encourage online giving yet still accept physical donations of cash and cheques in the offering box / basket or by mail.


Online Worship Option

  • Online Sunday worship will continue to be made available.  We want all people to feel included and have the opportunity to worship with us.  Returning to in-person gathering is a personal decision that should only be made when each person is ready.


Children’s Ministry

  • Children’s ministry programming and special events (indoors and outdoors) may proceed in compliance with public health regulations and the approval of the pastor and or church board.


Youth Ministry

  • Indoor youth events may occur at the church with at full building capacity.

  • Self-screening for COVID-19 like symptoms before attending is encouraged.

  • Social activities and games are to be conducted outdoors when possible.


Small Groups and Social Gatherings

  • Indoor and outdoor social gatherings may proceed at full capacity.


Access to additional Rooms

  • The nursery will be available to parents / caregivers of young children.

  • No formal nursery program will be offered at this time.


Washroom usage

  • The washrooms will be available for use

  • Signage about public health requirements and hand hygiene will be posted

  • Washroom facilities will be disinfected regularly


Cleaning of church surfaces

  • The church will be cleaned and disinfected weekly by the custodian and spot disinfected as required.


Rental / Non-Church Use of the Church Facility

  • The church may be rented / used by non-church groups provided COVID-19 health and safety regulations are followed, supervision arrangements are in place, and a cleaning plan has been approved.

  • If the church building is rented for a non-faith-based purpose the renters must adhere to all Government of Ontario COVID-19 regulations

  • All rentals / facility use bookings must be approved by the Lead Pastor and or the church board.

  • People are able to meet outdoors on the grounds


Should someone develop COVID-19 like symptoms while at the Church

  • If anyone develops potential symptoms of COVID-19 during the service or meeting they should leave the church immediately and self-isolate.  It is also advised they follow all guidance and direction from their local public health department.


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