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Helping in our Communities

Along with helping in our Church community, we also help in the communities in which we live as well as communities throughout the world.

We participate in the Michael House baby bottle campaign helping to provide housing, resources, education and essentials to the over 60 families Michael House supports through their Residential, Supportive Housing and Aftercare Programs.



We collect bars of soap that will be sent overseas through the Mennonite Central Committee. Some of the soap will be shipped in bulk for use in refugee camps, medical clinics, and other group settings. The rest of the soap will be packed into hygiene, infant, relief, or dignity kits to be distributed to individuals in need.

Handmade Soaps

One of us crochets and knits blankets, scarves, mitts, and Christmas stockings for moms and kids helped through the Pregnancy Centre.


Public Library

One of us helps ensure books are in the right place on the shelves at Kitchener Public Library.

Library Shelves
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